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Atelier "LX Ceramics"

The workshop was created in 2007-2008 by two brothers Shang Xiang and Luo Xiao both from Jingdezhen. The workshop is in the suburbs, rather campaign has about ten people.
Luo Xiao is the creator while his brother is the technician. The work is on forms of utilitarian objects with elegance and ergonomics. The inspiration is nature, shapes, colors and materials. Luo Xiao became interested in the teapot that required a personal search for 2 to 3 years. His research has been mainly in Hangzhou museum that has a collection of a hundred old teapots, donation of a collector. Luo Xiao worked with this collector who still has an important private collection. Study clays, shapes, our friend becomes a follower of tea in China understanding the use and mind.
The creation of the teapot handle (Che Ba Hu) is a cover of a popular object used since dysnatie Tang, put directly on the fire, for heat water and make medicinal teas. Still practiced today in some hospitals in the country. This object has fallen into disuse and is back in fashion thanks to Japanese ceramists. Here the research was concentrated on the handle, to pour the tea by blocking the lid with one hand.
In 2012 the two brothers opened a gallery store in Jingdezhen which now provides access to a base of international experts.

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