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Le Mont Huang shan

Located in the province of Anhui, the highest point is 1,864m, "Yellow mountains", high location of chinese artistic culture for painting and poetry. When we visit this fascinating place, chinese painting suddenly makes perfect sense sounds, we are in a paiting and moving. 
The first emperor Qin Shi Huang Di, yellow emperor (III century before J.C.) was the first to visit the mountains YI (designation of that time) looking elements longevity and bathe in the hot water sources, always presented. 
Tang dynasty to the 8th century, the Huang Shan mountain attracts poets, painters and hermits. Climbing on foot preference, paths are provided for tourists, but it can also take a calbe car, but the down must be absolutely walk to soak places and admire landscapes, seen lots of tourists, there is no risk of getting lost. Down town Tunxi, renamed Huangshan, is renowned for its stone and ink sticks.
Mountainsides give a famous green tea: Huang Shan Mao Feng.
Over the centuries farmers have grown rich through this tea, and in good Confucian tradition, the eldest child was sent to study scholars. To glorify résussite exams, Families usually have prepared the many carved stone portals in the region.
Mount Huangshan is a World Heritage, Chinese national park, it is under high surveillance to protect the unique flora and fauna.
The tea fields also benefit from this hazy and humid environment, which gives the tea its aroma and delicate sweetness.

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