Les thés naturels de Chine, héritage culturel et durable

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The beautiful story


"The subtle and natural taste of real tea, the search of authentic products and an admiration of a 4000-years-old production process led me to explore a little-known part of China. Full of rich, preserved landscapes and people eager to share their kown-how with a cup of tea, a symbol of their way of life. These qualitity products, discovered during my travels or what I wish to offer you today."
Mrs Lyne WANG, founder and manager Terre de Chine. 

Since 1997, we have worked with various independent producers to help you discover the six families of Chinese tea: white, yellow, green, oolong, red and black, each representative of its place origin. This bond, established over many years with our producers, allows us to offer you the most exquisite products while ensuning their quality.
Our teas come exlusively from each year's harvest in limited quantities, guaranteeing their freshness.
The optimal conservation period for our teas is two years: they then lose their flavour, save for Pu Erh Sheng Cha teas which only get better with time.
Each family consists of numerous teas, each with a different flavour, from plant-based to cocoa, through floral flavours.
No extra aroma is added: it is the soil, the type of tea tree, the climate and, of course, our farmers'ancestral know-how which give our teas all their nuances and a good long finish.

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