Note on Chinese teas
  • Lapsang Cueillette

Les thés fumés

Somked tea Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong
Leaves will be free in a zhong or teapot in clay

Traditional preparation
-Zhong 10cl: take 4g of tea, water 95°C, 10" infusion
-Teapot in clay 20cl: take 7g of tea, water 95°C, 30" infusion

Multiple infusions to ten using the same data
Good length on the palate with a delicate aroma of smoked and persistent.

The other smocked teas
Leaves will be free in a teapot

Western preparation
-Teapot 50cl: take 7g of tea, water 95°C, 2' infusion.
Two or three infusions with the same water temperature and infusion time.

These teas do not change and remain stable and therefore keep well if they are protected from the surrounding odors.

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