Note on Chinese teas
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Les thés Pu Er Sheng Cha

Since 2008, we work with one producer in the district of Lin Cang, which the land is located between 2000 and 2600 meters altitude, this on the same plot for the picking of March. 

After drawing on the side of bricks or cakes helping a peak PU ER, the leaves are infused freely in a clay teapot with water at 95°C.

Traditional preparation:
-Teapot 25cl: take 7g of tea, two rinses, 30" infusion
Usually eight infusions or more, according to the quality with the same data.

Sheng Cha are the only teas guard, they naturally improve with time, become more subtle, the flavors develop and tastes specify.
They are valued for their health benefits as comprehensive

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